Individual Coaching (Triathlon and Running)

Coach Roeder offers private coaching for both runners and triathletes. Because every athlete has different strengths, weaknesses, sports backgrounds, and goals, each athlete should expect an individual training plan to reach their potential.

With individual coaching, athletes will be provided with weekly structured workouts built around their history, current fitness levels, performance goals, and most importantly their allotted time to fit these workouts each week. Feedback will be given based on the individual’s preference and needs. Weekly progress will be tracked and used to prescribe the following week’s workouts.

Athletes will be given access to a TrainingPeaks account, which is an online training calendar where the coach will input workouts in advance. TrainingPeaks allows athletes to upload pace, distance, heart rate, and power data, which the coach will analyze each week to make sure we
are on track to meet your goals.

Run coaching starts at $100 per month
Triathlon coaching starts at $175 per month

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