Individual Coaching (Triathlon and Running)
Custom training plans

Coach Roeder offers private coaching for both runners and triathletes. Because every athlete has different strengths, weaknesses, sports backgrounds, and goals, each athlete should expect an individual training plan to reach their potential.

Training Plans (Triathlon and Running)

What is the difference between this option and individual coaching? These plans are built for beginners and intermediate athletes looking to accomplish a new race distance or lower their finishing time from previous years. These plans are entirely created up front prior to the training cycle so it may be 8 to 36 weeks of training uploaded at once.

1-on-1 Coaching and Consulting

Coach Roeder offers a vast amount of knowledge and experience with swimming, biking and running through his coaching and personal history of professional racing. Whether you want to talk race planning, strength training, or proper tapering tactics, there is an option for 1-on-1 coaching and consulting.

Running Form Analysis and Corrective Form Drills

Want to learn how to run faster or maybe just run more efficiently? Perfect! Coach Roeder will take you through an entire running biomechanical stride analysis where we will evaluate each phase of your gait. After identifying target areas to address, he will provide you will a series of form drills and mobility exercises to enhance your run in the upcoming season!

Swimming Form Video Recording and Analysis

Would you say you survive the swim portion of your race? You are not alone! Roeder Multisport provides the swimming stroke video recording catered towards athletes looking to make measurable gains in the water. Whether it is body position, lack of ankle flexibility, or shoulder mobility, he will identify and correct those movement patterns to get you swimming
faster and more efficiently.

Individual or Group Open Water Swim Practice

Whether you are anxious about open water swimming or looking to close the gap between your pool swimming times and your open water performances, Coach Roeder offers private
and group open water swimming sessions to help you conquer your goals (and maybe your fears) in the water.